Current and past board members at the Celebration Event

People in need are not just in the decaying houses, battered apartments, and aged mobile homes that are usually far from the main roads. In today's economy, they may live next door, work beside you (if they have a job) and cheer for your same college football team. The many faces of hunger include some that look just like you and me. We now help people who used to donate to us and find themselves needing help for the first time ever. 

People from over 35 congregations representing many diverse denominations, as well as numerous businesses, schools, community groups and individuals, are responding through an agency called Inter Parish Ministry.

Pooling their Christian commitment to their less fortunate neighbors, this ecumenical array of people is laying down theological differences and rolling up their sleeves to help others. Through IPM, these congregations not only help low income people meet their daily needs, but they also help them begin to break the chains and cycle of poverty.

The programs and services of IPM are geared to the ever-changing needs of the working poor and other low-income families. The agency is striving to respond to the needs and issues that are part of the daily life of families in need and in crisis.

Inter Parish Ministry began in 1964, when four churches from three denominations set out to reach out and help people through times of economic crisis. At first services were carried out by all volunteers. Over the years, as programs and services grew, professional staff was hired.

Today the agency employs specialized staff, works with a vast array of volunteers, and is governed by a Board of Directors.

Inter Parish Ministry is a nonprofit, ecumenical organization that seeks to share the love of Jesus Christ by serving others. IPM utilizes the resources of our network of churches, businesses, communities and volunteers to fulfill our mission.

OUR VISION is that IPM will maximize the use of goods and services for the welfare of those we serve through the coordinated effort of our network of church, community, business and volunteer partners.