IPM Food Pantry 

A Snapshot of Our Services

Our Pantry: 

The Newtown and Ameila Choice Food Pantries offer a chance to select food and seasonal clothing year round based on Family size and preferences. Clients can shop every 30 days with photo ID and proof of residence. 

Offering a Choice Pantry means that families can select the healthy food they prefer. Families visiting IPM express gratitude for having the opportunity to make choices. 

Inter Parish Ministry hopes to create an atmosphere of dignity, respect and kindness for its clients. Many of the people served have few choices in other areas of their lives, and giving them a chance to choose their own food and personal items positively impacts their self-esteem. 

***Due to COVID-19, IPM is currently providing a Drive-Through Pantry. Clients can visit the Drive-Through every two weeks. We are looking forward to returning to the Choice Pantry Model as soon as it is safe to do so but are very happy that we can continue to serve our community. 




Service Area Zip Codes

45102      45130       45162    45103      45140       45176    45106      45147       45226    45107      45150       45227  45111      45153       45228    45112      45154       45230  45118      45156       45243    45120      45157       45244  45121      45158       45245    45122      45160       45255




Other Services: 

Mobile Food Pantries: 12-20 times per year clients can receive a cartful of food that has been offloaded into parking lots at various location in our service area. 

Back to School: Pre-registered families can select school supplies for their children. Call IPM in early July to sign up. 

Holiday Programs: Pre-registered families receive gifts for their families. Call IPM in September to sign up.